2023 Texture Maker

won the Superior
Tast Award Certification

2023 Texture Maker

won the Superior Tast Award Certification


Our team of dedicated food scientists is continuously testing recipes with innovative ingredients to bring new products to the market each season and often collaborates with researchers to contribute to the food science literature and stay updated on the latest findings.
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As an in-store bakery leader, you strive to grow your business and attract customers to your Supermarket bakery cases. Our services include the products, solutions, and insights to help your in-store bakeries thrive, including Total Cake Solutions which help your top-selling category stand out to your customers.
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Ingredients, mixes and more. Beyond the quality of our products, Texture Maker offers manufacturers and industrial customers the distribution and fast access you need to be successful. We manufacture a complete range of bakery products, including mixes, bases, icings, glazes and fillings — and offer a broad selection of ingredients like flour, sugar, shortening, oils, chocolate, fruit, nuts, spices and flavors — everything that bakers need for success.
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