Holiday Recipe Ideas with Mochi Bread Mix


2022/11/04 Texture Maker



Holiday Recipe Ideas with Mochi Bread Mix

Mochi Bread. Hot selling for 10 years. Classic tasty never changed and more than words.


  • Mochi Bread Mix 900g
  • High Protein Flour 100g
  • Milk Powder 20g
  • Water 250g
  • Egg 350g
  • Salad Oil 200g
  • Light Soya Sauce 20g
  • Black Sesame Seeds 120g


  • Place all ingredients in mixing bowl, blend 1minutes slow speed and 5minutes on medium speed. (total mixing time 6minutes)
  • Rest dough for 8-10minutes, divide dough to 60g each.
  • Roll the dough into round shape.

Choice of Oven

  • Steam oven – Upper heat 180℃, Lower heat 170℃, baked for around 40minutes.
  • Convention oven with steam – Temperature 190℃(360℉)

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