Chewco Successfully at IBIE Food Expo, Launches One-Stop & Automated Services for US Bakers.


2022/10/18 Texture Maker


NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, Oct. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Texture Maker, a designer of innovative baking and beverage mixes, made a successful global debut of its new mochi baking mix brand Chewco at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) 2022 in September, captivating visitors with its sweet delicacies, futuristic smart solutions, and comprehensive consulting services for bakers. As business owners start planning offerings for the upcoming holiday season, Chewco is bringing something new to the table — mochi donuts — and is rapidly establishing itself as a forward-thinking, dedicated partner for baking professionals in the US.

IBIE achievements

During IBIE, Chewco’s booth stood out thanks to uniquely striking elements, drawing around 5000 visitors and receiving positive feedback. In particular, Chewco donuts received praise for their lightly sweet taste combined with the signature chewy texture — as well as their distinctive and social media-friendly krinkle shape.

As visitors to the booth learned, each baking mix is made from a specialized blend of the highest-quality Taiwanese rice flour to ensure the dough’s consistency and the subsequent pleasant, bouncy texture — a texture increasingly enjoyed by US consumers. Additionally, mochi donuts are a healthier alternative to traditional donuts, as they are gluten free and have less sugar content.

Bringing the future to bakers

Amid labor shortages affecting a variety of industries, Chewco is forging partnerships to leverage automation and digital technologies under its one-stop consulting services, empowering bakers to reduce production and labor costs while boosting efficiency and customer experiences. Such solutions include:

  • Chewco x Belshaw donut station: An automated means of offering mini mochi donut samples with the latest robot Mark V plus RS system.
  • iMvending machine: A wardrobe-like design allows customers to open one section at a time and gently retrieve their treat, avoiding the drop products receive in a traditional machine. iMvending can also heat up products, apply UVC to maintain sanitation, and provide QR codes for payment. Lastly, its integrated software enables collection of insights about customer preferences.

“The response we got from the iMvending machine at the show was overwhelmingly positive,” notes Tammy Liu, Vice President of Texture Maker. “Visitors were always impressed when the door would open automatically to reveal their mochi donut. As customers increasingly seek more tailored experiences, this type of machine can be an incredible asset for bakeries. It also has something delightfully futuristic to it that leaves visitors with a sense of wonder.”

A one-stop shop for bakers

Chewco also delivers comprehensive baking business consultancy services, which cover tips and guidance on mochi making, optimizing production with partners’ machines, and knowledge-sharing with aspiring mochi bakers. As a trusted partner for baking professionals, Chewco aims to expand US consumers’ access to mochi products and to focus near-term growth on partnerships with small and medium-sized businesses in the region.

Next stop: SIAL Paris 2022

Chewco will premiere in Europe at SIAL Paris, one of the world’s largest food industry trade fairs, where it will showcase a number of frozen mochi donut products alongside its partner Couplet Sugars. Offered in the US and European markets, these pre-made treats provide the signature Chewco texture after defrosting without the need for baking.

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